Welcome to Anisa Gardens. We provide high class, well decorated halls for any kind of function like Wedding party, Mendhi, Birthday or Any other....  High class decoration stages according to your will and with fantic designs Delicious all kind of food made by top chefs. Well presentation Need Bridal or Groom Makeup! Don't Worry, We'll do that for you. Best Makeup artists are here

Services and specialties

We provide services acording to your needs. We are providing every kind of Bridal and Groom makeup. Open big lawns, Large area for parking and much moreRead More

Time is important!

"If I have made an appointment with you, I owe you punctuality, I have no right to throw away your time, if I do my own" Its fair right? You may delay, but time will not ! Think!How is it?

Booking is available

So we are here to help you. Advanced booking is available. For booking call one of the given numbers or Contact us. If you have any questions you can ask...Book Now

The greatest gift to receive is not a monetary reward or materialistic object. It is when all your dedicated and hard-work to help another individual use their skills and abilities to reach their highest dreams are achieved. It is that strong satisfying inner feeling of knowing all your ongoing support made a positive impact on an individual's life opening new doors and a new way to living life. That is the greatest reward anyone can receive.

Anisa Gardens